Starting up – a road to a probable failure?

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They say, that 9 out of 10 startups fail. (Forbes)

So it’s quite a big gamble to join that world. The hope that you are indeed part of the 10% that will make it, lets entrepreneurial souls like me take the risk and dive into the very exciting world of startups. It surely has a different energy than a 9-5 work at an office… doing something… usually for some shareholders who want their money… not really understanding what’s the purpose of it all.

It is exciting! And, oh boy, how I love to be my own boss! But it also has a downside. Your startup becomes your life. Every time you find yourself idling and letting your thoughts run free, you always end up on thinking about your startup. About the ways how to make it better – how to make it work. Hey… Even the nights won’t let you alone- you also dream about it! That is, if you manage to fall asleep at all. It is sort of an obsession…

Obsession in the Startup world is a good sign. It means you are actually doing something you care about. And it’s essential for handling the roller-coaster of starting up – without getting sick to your stomach. Perhaps that obsession will bring me closer to the 10% chance of success?

But even if we do fail (and according to the statistics it is very probable), we have learned so much! Real life Entrepreneurial College. The past half a year has taught me more than the theoretical subjects at the university ever could. But I also feel very thankful for my education. I doubt that I would’ve had the confidence to walk down that road without the business and economics knowledge in my pocket.

So all in all – starting up is never a failure. Even if it doesn’t work out with your startup, you have graduated from an excellent business school. And you always have the hope that maybe, just maybe you prove to be part of the 10% and actually create something of value!

The author, Annabel, is a co-founder at SnippetGuide. Together, with the technical founders Roberts and Arvi, they do their best to be part of the startup success stories.

The aim of this blog is to record our journey in the Startup scene. We will be sharing our thoughts on the ups and downs in our startup, on big startup subjects like venture capital and angel investors and on anything profound that shapes our journey. Transparent and sincere!

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