We have developed a fair and a very affordable pricing system. You only pay, if your potential customers have listened to your Snippets!

You have the freedom to change your Snippets any time or even stop using SnippetGuide platform, if it does not fit with your marketing style!


A story can take you much further than any usual advertisement talk. It can be something historical, something funny or it can be a legend connected to the house, previous owner or what ever else. Make it honest and interesting!

Another good way to give your guests an incentive for a visit, is a special offers for SnippetGuide users!  Make your guests feel welcome and special!

0-29€ / Month

1 Snippet listening = 0.50 €

If there have been only a few guests, who have listened your Snippet, the monthly fee will stay very small.
But it will never be more than 29€ a month! Even, if your Snippet was listened to over 10 000 times.