Become a partner!

You have the opportunity to reach many, many more guests!

Our business model is based on partnerships with local businesses. This is a win-win system!
As a restaurant, cafe, gallery or a museum you depend on visiting customers. We can help you to reach more guests! There is how you can become our business partner:


Special Offers

A good way to give your guests an incentive for a visit, is having special offers for SnippetGuide users! It could be a 3 course menu or a "order one, get one free" or anything you feel is appropriate for your business. Make your guests feel welcome and special!

Create a short Snippet with a few interesting sentences about your business or the building and welcome your listeners to enjoy the Special Offer.


You can create a Business-Snippet with an interesting story about your cafe or the building you work in. A story can take you much further than any usual advertisement talk. It can be something historical, something funny or it can be a legend connected to the house, previous owner or what ever else. Business-Snippet, just like other Snippets, can be max 3 minutes long.

Make it honest and interesting  and profit from a good, low-cost marketing channel.

What do we offer?

Measurable statistics!

Compared to the usual marketing channels used in tourism (like printed Tourist-maps or brochures), we offer you a very affordable and effective way to reach your guests!

As an advantage, you can see statistics for your own Snippets. We will show you how many people have listened to your Snippet, how they have rated it and how many of them have stayed for longer than 15 minutes. Over time we will add more statistics, that might be useful for you!

We also offer a full control and freedom to use this marketing channel exactly the way you want to. You can change your Snippets or cancel your subscription any time. It's all up to you!


You are always welcome to suggest other forms and ways of partnership! We are always open for new ideas and very happy to get new contacts.

You can send us an email on or contact with the form below. Let us know and we will be happy to welcome you into the SnippetGuide family!

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Our Supporters

On the 15th of November 2015, SnippetGuide got a special Tourism Innovation prize from at a Garage48 event. "We have been waiting for something like it for a long time!"

After that, Visit Estonia became our good partner.

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