In the search of unicorns…

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Unicorns? Yes… The mythological creatures! Unicorn – an animal like a horse, but with one straight horn on the forehead. They are very shy and live far in the wilderness. Extremely hard to find, but mesmerizing once you meet one.

Well, I have never seen one up close. But I have read about them and having a very vivid imagination, I can see one when I close my eyes.

The thing is, though, that a Unicorn in a Startup world means something totally different. Yes, they are hard to find, but the rest of it is not that magical. A Unicorn is a startup company, that has reached 1 billion dollars in evaluation of the company’s worth. So naturally, venture capitalists try to find these early stage startups that are unicorns in disguise. That means, they need to see a very high growth potential. And most of all – it has to happen fast. The thing is – investors are there to invest! Obvious, isn’t it. And they want to get the biggest possible return from their investment. It’s all about money.

So, it sometimes feels like a startup’s value is measured by the likelihood of becoming a unicorn. But what about all the small startups that fix real problems and have only a medium growth potential. Or are not likely to earn much at all? Maybe they just break-even, but can combat huge environmental problems. For me, their value is much higher than “Uber”, which, by the way, was valued at 62 billion dollars. Of course, we like big numbers. But what is really so valuable about Uber?

Startup world should add more mythological creatures into the list. Perhaps a Pegasus, for specially creative startups, would be a nice addition. Or a griffin, minotaur or maybe a mermaid? Or a Phoenix, for startups that have risen from ashes and have healing powers?

The real reason to create something new and to start a company, should be to change the world for the better – regardless, if you earn a billion in the end or not. In fact – the first motivation for a startup founder should never be money. Specially since it usually takes years before you actually start to earn out of your startup. Passion for what you are doing is the driving force, that gets you through the hardship of the first years.

In our case, we want to educate the travelers. So very often we see people taking pictures of landmarks, beautiful buildings and places. But when asked, they know nothing about the building itself. What’s the story? Why is it important? Other than the architecture and the visuals, why should they take a picture of it? And this is our motivation – that one day, travelers can listen to a story about a place anywhere in the world, learn about the land and the people who live there and go home much richer than just pictures in their cameras.

The author, Annabel, is a co-founder at SnippetGuide. Together, with the technical founders Roberts and Arvi, they do their best to be part of the startup success stories.

The aim of this blog is to record our journey in the Startup scene. We will be sharing our thoughts on the ups and downs in our startup, on big startup subjects like venture capital and angel investors and on anything profound that shapes our journey. Transparent and sincere!