The Snippet should be about ...?

What exactly you should tell, is fully up to you. Snippets are usually about most common sightseeing object. You can choose freely! You can even tell a story about an otherwise ordinary tree, but perhaps there is a legend to it what makes it very special! Anything that you feel is worth sharing can be recorded and uploaded to SnippetGuide.


Can there be more than one Snippet about the same object?

Yes! Since there are many different things you can tell about a place, there is no limit to the Snippets. You can have a Snippet about the architecture, another one about history, perhaps there is a legend about the same object, or maybe even more than one legend. All of those can be in separate Snippets. Our guests can then choose, what subject they are interested in! However, we recommend you to listen to the existing Snippets before you make your own.


Why was my Snippet removed?

We usually give you feedback with the reason why Your Snippet was removed from the list. It has to be easily understandable (language use and pronunciation) and be suitable for guests in all ages. There is a full list of  reasons in our Terms and Conditions.


Who checks the Snippets?

Our team of Editors. As SnippetGuide community grows, so does the team of Editors. Also You have the opportunity to become SnippetGuide Editor! If you have created many great Snippets and are interested in contributing, you can apply to be an Editor.


How does the "awards for best authors" work?

Every month we choose 2 Authors for a monthly prize for their good work (unless otherwise advertised). One of the winners is the author who has gathered the highest rating. And the other winner will be chosen by our Editors - we aim to highlight those authors who have put an extra effort into their Snippet. The monthly awards are chosen between these Snippets that have been uploaded during that month - so the more great Snippets you upload, the higher is the chance to get an award.

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