Campaign Rules “Adventure Day – 30.07.2016”

1. The Campaign is organized by SnippetGuide AS.
2. Duration of the campaign is 20.05.2016-15.07.2016
3. The participants must be over 16 years old to take part in the “Adventure Day”
4. To get invited to the “Adventure Day”, the participants must create and upload at least 5 Snippets, which have to get approved by our editing team. (Please go through our Terms and Conditions before uploading a Snippet).
5. The first prize – An overnight stay at Laulasmaa Spa, including the use of the Pools and Saunas for two will be given to that “Adventure Day” participant, who has created the most approved Snippets. In case of a draw, the prize goes to the winner of an additional game held on the “Adventure Day”.
6. There will be a small prize for everyone, who have reached the 5 Snippet target. Additional surprise awards will be given out on the Adventure Day on the 30th of July 2016 in Tallinn.
7. Invitations for the “Adventure Day” will be sent out to all participants filling the campaign requirements on the 18th of July 2016.
8. The winners will be contacted by E-mail provided by the user.
9. The winners will have to notify SnippetGuide team of their participation on the “Adventure Day” by the 24th of July 2016. Notifications received after that deadline, might not be considered.
10. The invitation to the "Adventure Day" does not include travel costs to and from the event location or any insurance or personal expenses connected to the “Adventure Day”.
11. The prizes are non-transferable and no alternative will be offered.
12. SnippetGuide has the right to make changes to the campaign rules, change the campaign duration, change the awards and prizes or cancel the campaign notifying all the participants by email or through SnippetGuide’s social media page.