What is SnippetGuide

More than an Audioguide

 The SnippetGuide app is like an audio-wikipedia with interesting and engaging stories. You can discover a city (or in fact any kind of a place) in your own pace and according to your own personal taste. There are so many apps that tell you what to do and where to go, but they don't tell you why those places are important. We want to share the stories, that make these places worth visiting. Next to beautiful facades and breath-taking views, those places have a rich history as well and once you have understood what happened there and why - only then you can fully appreciate it. Enjoy the view and get a little smarter at the same time

All the content is free and you can download it for offline use!

How are we different?

Compared to ordinary audio-guides, we give you back the freedom to explore the city on your own terms.
So instead of telling you, that the next two and a half hours you will take this tour and walk exactly as we planned it, we let YOU decide what you would like to see, how long you would like to explore and what kind of information you would like to hear.

SnippetGuide gives you the most flexible and the most comfortable way to get information while traveling!


You love your city, so tell its story! Even an ordinary stone could have an interesting story just waiting to be told! Help out and lets make SnippetGuide the biggest audio-information platform in the world! There are many ways you can help! You can create a snippet! Or you can also provide an interesting text or just record waiting snippets with your voice! Join us and put your story-telling skills to a test!


Our business model is based on partnerships with local businesses. This is a win-win system!

As an app-user, you can have special offers from local cafes or restaurants. And local businesses are always happy to welcome new customers! We help you with finding a cafe or even a gallery of your liking. Listen to "Business-snippets" and get your first impression!

Want to become our business-partner?

How can You help?


Make an interesting audio-snippet of a place or an object of your choosing! Tell a story and become part of next big thing!


You are good and story-telling, but you'd rather like someone else to record the text. No problem! You can just provide the story.


The script-writing is not your forte but you could record texts created by other community members. Give the snippets your voice and join us!


Song Festival Grounds

You just heard a choir of 30 000 people singing together to celebrate the big Song Festival. It is a extraordinary experience to witness such a unity and love for the „fatherland“. Every 5 years about …Read More »

Legend of Danneborg

It is June the 15th, year 1219. The battle of Lyndanisse is not going well for the Danish crusaders. The Estonian troops are winning and the defeat seems almost certain. Valdemar II, the Danish king, …Read More »

St. Catherine’s Passage

The passage got its name from the St. Catherine’s Church situated right next to the passage-way. Nowadays only a small part of the church remains and it doesn’t really look like much. However, back …Read More »


Town Hall Square

Town Halls square had been a market place since the birth of Tallinn and until 1923 it was called “the Big Market”. Although the traditional market place has been moved away from the center of the city, the area here ... Read More »